Update nov'21 Thunderbird. Hovering over a mail does not allow scrolling

Before Nov’21 you could select a mail in the In-box list. Then you could move the cursor down and hover over the mail-content AND DIRECTLY BROWSE in the mail. After the nov’21 update you can’t. You must first click in the mail-content.

  • this is loss of userfriendlyness
  • this produces unwanted actions, if you happen to click on e.g. a photo/graph which contains a link, then you go off to somewhere else you didn’t choose.
    May I call this a bug? Can then te bug be fixed? Would be grateful!
    Is this the right place to put the question? Or can anybody relay this message to the right place?

Welcome aavankampen!

That’s Bug 1743237 - Message won’t scroll after loading until mouse is moved in message pane

Still unconfirmed.

Ah thanks. Is it useful to add my description to yours?

It isn’t my description and can’t confirm the bug, since I’m not seeing it.

You could add your Thunderbird version, operating system and steps to reproduce.