Updated Onboarding procedure (as OKR for 2019 H2)

Hello Reps,

One of the objectives of 2019 H2 OKRs of Rep program is,

90% of the new onboarded Reps are reporting that are ready to become local leaders in their community due to their onboarding training

And we would like share our plan for the next steps…

Revise the current onboarding

  • Review the current webinar and see if the video has all the new information

  • Talk with the current onboarding team for your plan and ask them if they want to participate

  • Ensure that the new training has code of conduct training

  • Create an online course based the webinar

  • Create a mandatory meeting for the new Reps where they take tasks

  • Send your plan to the council for review

Create an onboarding survey for the reps that have been onboarded

  • Create a survey

  • Pass it from the onboarding team and the council for feedback

  • Start posting it to the reps that have been onboarded

  • Document the changes of onboarding on the wiki

Please check the bug for detailed timeline and action items,

Please add your feedback if you want to help. Thanks.

I’m not sure I understand that. With whom would that meeting be? What kind of tasks would be destributed?

I personally don’t think Council should be tasked with reviewing this. This should IMHO be the Onboarding Team, or even better, a post on Discourse where everyone could give feedback. What do you think?