Updates for the Leaving SOP

Hey amazing mozillians,
this time the Council has an important update for you!
We released an updated SOP (very quickly in this case) for the Leaving.


Actually the SOP wasn’t updated with the new onboarding team and screening rules and this was creating issues of application of Reps Alumni.
Also, we updated a little to use an inclusive language and adding a new important case: Case 4 : Leaving due to inactivity
Also the way to get re-onboarded now is completely different from before.

Leaving for inactivity

Many people know that probably as Council we are working to add more automatism on the portal and there is an old idea to move inactive Reps automatically to Alumni. Actually there are no plans for this implementation but for NDA yes.
Actually as reps program we cannot leave to people the NDA access if they are not aligned or active in the program because can create (a lot of) issues.
When there is the yearly NDA renewal for a Rep now there is a check of the activity in the last year, in few words if you not reported anything in a year inside the portal you will move to Alumni.

Re-onboarding of Reps Alumni

The previous SOP was including a procedure for the Reps mentor for that task. Now we also simplified this part to have less task for the Mentors (also for the case when the mentor is not active anymore).
Now to get re-onboarded you have to follow the classic and same procedure for new applications, you will have only to ignore the vouching part in the application.
The use of that procedure will help to have Reps aligned with the Selection Criteria that say as example that you have to be active in the last 6 months.
Also, the screening by the onboarding team will help for the quality of application also for the screening of Alumni.
The onboarding process also will help us to align people with the latest updates in the program (like for Resources/Review team).

Thanks to Onboarding team members for the review and because they faced this problem in the SOP and to Mozilla Diversity/Inclusion team for the language review.

As usual for any questions the Reps Council is there!


Hi Daniele,

Good to see that the SOP is updated.
I have one question though regarding
Case 4 : Leaving due to inactivity i.e you have mentioned “Due to inactivity Mozilla Reps can be moved to Alumni automatically for inactivity”
When does a Rep move to alumni due to inactivity? Is there any duration which you keep a check on ex: 3 months, 6 months or a year?

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We preferred to not write the duration because actually there aren’t specific rules (apart the NDA renewals) but we are planning to add it.
So for the moment is actually only 1 year for NDA renewals but in the future maybe there will be others but in any case it will be communicated for updates.
Actually a Rep already receive an email every month to add something in the portal so the Rep is already informed that have to do something as the role require.

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