Updates to the CSS Info boxes


Over in mdn/kumascript, @dontcallmedom suggested making some changes to the “info box” in our CSS pages (i.e. this thing: https://screenshots.firefox.com/ClgbufyJt0TDoNg2/developer.mozilla.org).

Specifically, he’s suggesting that we remove the “Canonical order” entry, and also perhaps the “Media” entry. And that we think about and user test the other items, to see if they are useful and/or we can present them more effectively.

I agree with all this, and propose to remove “Canonical order” and “Media”. But I think this could use some more discussion, so I’m posting it here :).

(Kadir Topal) #2

Yes, let’s do it :slight_smile: We know from user testing that the value of those boxes is very limited, the vast majority of users didn’t make use of them at all.

(Eric Shepherd) #3

I think we should simplify that box, yes. But I also think we should still have that information available, but in a second box later in the article. Sort of like we agreed to do for HTML elements.


(Chris Mills) #4

+1 to simplifying this, and testing what people actually use on it. Might be useful to talk to some people we know probably make use of such detais, like lahmity, or perhaps sebastian.

I think canonical order definitely needs to go, as it is just non-sensical to non-spec heads. For medium, it is nearly always visual (or maybe always?). Would it make sense to only show it if it is not visual?

(Chris Mills) #5

Does someone want to submit a documentation bug about it?


Does someone want to submit a documentation bug about it?

There is already a bug, linked from the OP.