Updating an ancient add-on

I’m attempting to update a pre-webextension add-on “commandrun”. I’ve got the new add-on written and tested.

I can’t submit the new add-on. I receive the error “slug is already in use.”

I can’t find the old add-on on either addons.mozilla.org or in my profile. I assume the add-on as marked as abandoned or purged a long time ago. However, since I can’t find it, I can’t submit an update.

Do I need to make a new name, or is there another way to update an ancient add-on? Or does “slug already in use” mean something else?

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If you own the previous add-on, you can upload the new file as a version update for it. If you need help changing the slug or something else, you can email amo-admins AT mozilla DOT com.

I’m the maintainer. It was written by aabeling.

I can’t find the old version to update with new files, so I’ll send a mail.

Thank you.