Updating the Contributor Stories on mozilla.org

I still have 3 drafted posts I need to ‘publish’. But only on my personal blog at the moment - the Participation team hopes to prioritize community stories in another quarter but what I think we have the potential to do here, is to just ‘start’. That’s awesome re: qa profiles Marcia.

@AprilMorone if you need a hand putting that into blog format let us know . I think your work and contributions are inspiring, and will inspire others. Thanks for being here <3

My monthly #mozlove post, next month will be on another from Community Ops. http://tiptoes.ca/mozlove-for-tanner/

my post for this month:


@shine wondering where you’re at with this initiative? Still interested in collaborating?

Ty. :slight_smile: You’re welcome. Yes, I might need help with putting it into blog form. I tried to add a blog, once, for Reps to read, and then link it, but the link hadn’t taken, even though I had done it, correctly, it hadn’t shown my blog post. So, maybe you know of an alternative way too do so to then link it wherever needed. :smile: I am glad that my work is inspiring. :smile:

K, I will try it that way, Sunday. :slight_smile: Tonight, and this weekend, I will be working on app stuff.

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I see a new bug filed today about adding new contributor stories - but it looks as if they are only pulling from 3 different sources.

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and for July:


collaborating is always better. thanks Marcia

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