Upgraded add-on signatures

Hello Add-on Creators!

I wanted to highlight some points from a recent email we sent out regarding Mozilla upgrading the signing for Firefox add-ons to provide a stronger signature for a more secure add-ons ecosystem.

All add-ons submitted to https://addons.mozilla.org (AMO) after April 5, 2019 are not impacted by the upgraded signing, regardless if they are hosted on AMO or if they are self-distributed. [no action required]

All add-ons submitted to AMO prior to April 5, 2019 that are hosted on AMO will be automatically re-signed in the near future and creators will receive an email confirmation when the re-signing takes place. [no action required]

All add-ons submitted to AMO prior to April 5, 2019 that are self-distributed will require action on the part of the creator. [action required]

  • Action: To continue to distribute any self-hosted versions uploaded to AMO prior to Apr 5, 2019, developers will need to submit new versions to AMO. The new versions uploaded can simply be the most recent version available, re-submitted with a bumped version number

Self-distributed add-on versions that are not re-submitted by Apr 15 will no longer be installable on any version of Firefox 127: Nightly (Apr 15), Beta (May 13) or Release (Jun 11). Add-ons installed prior to Firefox 127 will continue to work for now, but we ask that you encourage your users to upgrade to the new, re-signed version of your add-on once you have re-submitted it to AMO. Any previous versions that are no longer in use do not need to be re-submitted to AMO.

Thank you.
Ed Sullivan

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