Upgrading embedding from 102ESR to 115ESR. Any big changes?

I’m hoping to get some time over the next few months to update our embedding from 102ESR to 115ESR. Are there any significant changes that have changed?
I’ve had a quick look at https://spidermonkey.dev/blog/ but there are a lot of changes and it’s difficult to see what implications there might be for my embedding.
I was hoping that there might be a “high level” list of any significant API changes that would need to be tackled. Does such a thing exist anywhere?
Alternatively, can anyone think of any big/breaking changes that I will need to tackle?
Any help/comments gratefully received…
(I’m heading off on holiday tomorrow but I’m hoping to look into this when I return…)

There’s some information here: https://github.com/mozilla-spidermonkey/spidermonkey-embedding-examples/pull/71 In particular if you’re using JS_InitClass, we made that API more flexible in this bug.

Great. Many thanks for getting back to me.