Uploaded source code not uploading

We have submitted the source code for code review, and the file size is 400MB. However, we encountered an error stating “The request entity is too large.”.

May I know what is the maximum file size allowed for uploading the source code?

Whoa, you are building addon using 400MB of source code? That’s crazy :upside_down_face:
How big is the final addon?

Are you zipping also whole “node_modules” folder? Or what is so huge in your sorce code?

Note that you can use zip compression to reduce the file size.

According to this page, it is 200MB.

What type of add-on is it?


Hi Edward,
Our extension type is Like cryptocurrency wallet. we can transfer the currency like metamask.

Hi Juraj,
Actually we have zipped the source folder without node modules and dist folder. eventhough it is more than 400 MB. What we can do? … Kindly Assist

How big is the compiled addon?

580 mb as zipped file.

Then there’s something seriously wrong with your addon.
The MetaMask XPI only has 20 MiB.

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Is the file size you mentioned the size of your source code package, or the add-on itself?

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Can you let me know which add-on you are referring to by including your add-on ID please?

The AMO slug is “metatron”, see their first post on MD.

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