Urls opened from external applications not being opened properly

I recently installed Firefox Dev on Arch Linux (didn’t use pacman, downloaded it and linked it myself) and I’m running into a problem where every time I open a link from an external application many things such as images and some js elements won’t properly or at all. The url also shows the local path, which I’m unsure whether or not is the default functionality on this version.

It completely breaks some sites such as osu’s main site as seen in this screenshot:

I might have made a mistake while installing but everything else seems to be working perfectly. Would appreciate any help.

Hello @urlalaaemasa !
You posted this on the Developer Tools section, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your problem.
You might want to move it to a more generic section in order to get proper help :slight_smile:

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I’m puzzled by the file:// URL on the page displayed in your screenshot. The URL provided by the external application is an http or https URL?

That’s what puzzled me as well. The link is https, as are most links I try to visit from other applications.

I did make a new thread on a more appropiate section, though:

this works better