Usability issues when power saving and/or using alternative mouse inputs

I just updated to 89.0 and my main concern is the highlight or drop shadow border on hover for the address and search bars disappeared. If the decision was made to make one of three colors, you need to do something for text fields to make it obvious when you are over the thing you want to click to enter input. After the update, I thought my browser had hung reloading my opened tabs as there was zero reaction or indication when I hovered over the search input field.
My other issue occurred because my laptop does this wonderful thing when in power saving where it reduces the range of supported colors due to brightness changes in the screen. This mixed with the shades of grey means buttons aren’t very obvious when hovering while on power saving. Dark mode works great, light mode just doesn’t have quite enough contrast. Changing the theme is a good work around, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
This is a new major release and a UI uplift, so it’s not surprising there are kinks. Hopefully these are straight forward.