Use Kuma for commercial

(Sani Kenjito) #1

I really like the Kuma platform and want to build my own site using Kuma. I want to use it for sharing just like MDN site. And I also want to put some ads on that site. Is it legal?


(Jwhitlock) #2

Kuma is licensed under MPL 2.0, which allows commercial use:

MDN content is more complex. Most content is Creative Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5:

There are exceptions. For example, the code samples changed licenses at one point. See our About page for details:

(Eric Shepherd) #3

And as always, if it’s important, consult an attorney.

On a different note: if you do use Kuma, please do consider contributing back any worthwhile improvements you make. :slight_smile:


(Sani Kenjito) #4

Thanks @sheppy
Of course I will :smiley: