Useful add-ons / tools for add-on development

(Juraj Masiar) #1

I’ve noticed there is an API for creating custom devtools panels:

Are there any add-ons using these? And is there a way to list them?
The category “Web Development” is not exactly what I’m looking for:

Recently I’ve found Scratchpad which is amazing tool so I’m thinking there may be more hidden gems I should know about.

Are there any other useful tools?
The web-ext is a must and if you are using Intellij Idea, make sure to add a web-extension library:

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(Martin Giger) #2

There’s plenty of add-ons using these devtools panels. Look at extensions like the vue, react, redux devtools, or some a11y analyzers etc.

There’s a pinned thread for useful tools: Extension development tools