User JS script to autofocus awesome bar broke in FF 70

I have been using this script to autofocus the Firefox awesome bar for a long while now. It just broke with the FF 70 update:

TypeError: cw.getNext(...).QueryInterface is not a function[Learn More] autofocus_urlbar.uc.js:97:32
    startup file:///home/glitsj16/.mozilla/firefox/release/chrome/userChrome/autofocus_urlbar.uc.js:97
    startup file:///home/glitsj16/.mozilla/firefox/release/chrome/userChrome/autofocus_urlbar.uc.js:113
    <anonymous> file:///home/glitsj16/.mozilla/firefox/release/chrome/userChrome/autofocus_urlbar.uc.js:115
    <anonymous> file:///home/glitsj16/.mozilla/firefox/release/chrome/userChrome/autofocus_urlbar.uc.js:125
    load_js_script file:///home/glitsj16/.mozilla/firefox/release/chrome/userChrome/userChrome.xml:15
    js_XBL_Constructor file:///home/glitsj16/.mozilla/firefox/release/chrome/userChrome/userChrome.xml:24

I’d like to try changing the script to get it working again, but my experience with scripts like this is very limited. There wasn’t anything I could spot in the FF 70 release notes that would explain why it now stopped working. If this script uses deprecated API’s or the like, it would be great if someone could confirm that, so I don’t need to spend lots of time on trying to achieve the impossible…