Using a MultiLevelSwitch thing level property to control brightness of lights

(Henry Miskin) #1

I have created a custom MultiLevelSwitch using a Moddable board. This is very simply a touch screen slider which has a single property which it exposes through the web of things standard. I have managed to add the switch to my gateway and can see the property value changing when I slide the switch.

I was looking to control the lights in my room using this slider, therefore, wanted to use the level property from the switch to control the brightness of the lights. I cannot work out a way to take a property from one thing and have it directly affect the property of another. I have tried creating rules and can make the lights turn on and off based on the level of the switch but have not found a way to use the level to directly control the brightness.

Any help would be much appreciated, I assume this is possible to achieve as seems like quite a common use case. If this is not currently a feature of the thing gateway should I open a GitHub issue for parameterised rules?

My intention upon completion of this project is to contribute the multi level switch code to Moddable open source project in order to allow others to easily like a development board with the web of things. In addition I would like to write a short blog on my experience with setting up the thing gateway and creating a custom thing. I think the thing gateway has lots of potential and would like to share what I have done with others.

(Ben Francis) #2

Hi Henry,

Unfortunately this is a seemingly simple feature which is actually not supported yet, see