Using BBC Igbo news sentences

My team and I are trying to include Igbo into the Common Voice. For that we need sentences.

One great source of original IGbo sentences is BBC Igbo
Due to the public license requirement I want to know We can go ahead with using sentences from BBC Igbo. Thank You

Hi @chrisemezue, please read the following topic and this answer:

As far as I can see at the bottom of BBC site it states “copyright BBC”.

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Hey @chrisemezue,

Welcome to the Common Voice Discourse.

Can I suggest that you reach out to the editor or team at BBC Igbo, to ask if they would like to give some text under public licence, using the CC0 Waiver process ?

More details on this process can be found in the Community Playbook:

Other options

You could use the sentence extractor to collect some sentences from -ụ̀sụ̀_Ìgbò

Alternatively, you might want to create original text under public licence under the sentence collector process. You could organise a community event such as a poetry jam.

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Thank You, I have sent them an email about it.

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