Using mozill IoT in a company

Hi, Mozilla team
I want to ask whether using Mozilla IoT to controlling a company is permissible or not?
BTW: I did read some articles, but just want to ensure.
Thanks in advance

There should be no problem with using the software in any way, only in redistribution. The gateway is governed by the Mozilla Public License 2.0:


Thanks for your feedback.

@mrstegeman another question related to running M-IoT gateway on windows 10, maybe worths creating a new post for it?

The gateway is not tested on Windows and probably will not work well. I’d recommend running it via Docker, if you have to use Windows.

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Thanks, @mrstegeman
I’m sorry for my poor response time.
Unfortunately, I’ve tried to install docker on Windows 10, but all in vain. Since my windows 10 version is Home edition below 19xx, I couldn’t get docker installed on my machine.
Therefore, I am seeking for a method doesn’t require neither docker nor Rb Pi.

You could create a Debian VM with something like VirtualBox, and then either install Docker and use the image, or use the .deb package we provide.

@mrstegeman, I’ve read a reply of @benfrancis replied to someone wanted to do the same as I want, and this is his reply:

Text version:

Ben Francis

An ESP8266 is capable of connecting to the Internet itself via a home router, but you’d probably want to use TLS, add some authentication and configure DNS and your firewall to make it accessible via a web address. The Things Gateway can provide all of that by acting as a Internet-facing proxy.

You can build and run the gateway software yourself on a PC (see the instructions on the README, but I wouldn’t recommend that for an end product because the PC would need to be turned on and connected 24/7 and you’d need to be very careful about security.

A dedicated gateway has some benefits. Apart from the Raspberry Pi we’re currently working on an OpenWrt build to run on a range of existing router-like hardware so in future your IoT gateway and home router could be the same device.

We’re also working to improve the Things Framework to add authentication etc. to things themselves so they can be directly connected to the Internet, without the need for a WoT gateway.

But I couldn’t get my head around this readme section:

Otherwise, you can build it from source yourself (see below).


Please refer to my previous response. There is rarely a need to build the gateway anymore other than for development purposes.

@mrstegeman, thanks a lot.
I just wanted to set the VM choice as a last desperate try since my hybrid laptop hasn’t good hardware.