Using other locales in machinery


I am experimenting with machineries, and (while the code and implementation is great) from what I understand the message ids are directly translated.

In my setting, I have two problems with this:

  • The ids don’t have (I’m not sure this applies to the classic setting though) a locale, therefore we rely on the machineries to detect the language in the text. If detected language is the same as requested locale, this cause an bad language pair error : nothing too armful though;
  • When message ids are actually technical ids rather than the default language messages, machineries (in this default behaviour) won’t be relevant and possibly misleading.

To settle this, the machineries could use another locale (or possibly many) message as source for machineries : this would translate the right content, and avoid relying on machineries locale detection as source locale can be provided.

Has it been discussed ? Is there any complication I am missing ? I haven’t found any trace of this.

For reference, here is where I believe source text is selected for machineries translations:

Other locales translations are accessible here in parameters.otherLocales.