Validation can't get finished when uploading a new version pack

When I was trying to upload a new version pack, it got stuck on validating, and there was no warning or information about why the validation couldn’t be finished.
This problem has been there for 2 days. Does anyone know the reason?


I was about to say same but it seems like it’s just very slow atm, I got it validated after 5min ish of waiting.

Still seems to be stuck on validating as of 8am PDT 2023/04/10

Same for me. Stuck on validating.

Same here. Maybe too many people have time to update their Add-ons over Eastern :egg: :rabbit:

I’m currently affected too (even on self-hosted extensions)

also still stuck on validating

Seems to be fixed. The validation took only a second today.

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Same for me. Also stuck on validating.