Verification fails with "Invalid file name in archive"

" Invalid file name in archive: icons\BigIcon128x128.png"

I haven’t been able to find any info on this, why is this failing?

Have you tried using a forward slash (/) instead of a backslash (\)

There’s no slash in the filename, it’s named “BigIcon128x128.png” and is inside an “icons” folder

I had some issues with folders when I used some old NPM zipping library.
So you can try to use a different one, or try to zip it manually with some built-in zip or WinRar. And if that helps, then you know the zipping library is bad.

it worked without problems in chrome and firefox + published on the chrome web-store

but apparently the Mozilla validator has some issue with the zip format, manually zipping it worked out

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Could you report this in with steps to reproduce? I’m sure the team would be interested in knowing about it.

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