Version Incompatibility Issue

GPU version of deepspeech:
We have successfully completed our POC with DeepSpeech 0.6.1 on centOS 7.3 in scope of train our own data model.

Now ,we tried to see the difference of results with latest deepspeech 0.8 as compared to 0.6 which required our OS to be updated to CENTOS 8 due to having an error "glibcxx_3.4.20 not found " on CENTOS 7.3 .

But we are stuck with latest centos 8 and deepspeech 0.8 because this version of deepspeech required cuda 10.0 and cudnn 7.4, but cuda 10.0 (cudnn 7.4 work with this version ) is not avaliable for > CENTOS7.3 ,we need it for CENTOS 8. With centos 8 it provides 10.1 or above with cudnn 7.6 and deepspeech 0.8 is looking for CUDA 10.0 .

Any quick solution is highly appreciated as we are running out of time.


Search this forum, this happens frequently and you can switch CUDA/cuDNN to supported versions.

We cannot switch to cuda 10.0 because of centos version 8

DeepSpeech 0.8 will not run on 10.1, so you have to get to 10.0 somehow. Search the Nvidia docs on how to install it on CentOS 8 if you don’t feel like searching here. But you will have some work installing the right version. There is no (feasible) way to make DeepSpeech run otherwise.

How about you read CUDA’s docs, install locally and adapt LD_LIBRARY_PATH ?

This is how we do it on CI:

No, deepspeech does not “require” you anything. Prebuilt binaries are provided to make it easier for people to use the project, but in your case you might want to rebuild if you really depend on CentOS 7.3 …

This does sound a bit rude. This is your very first message on this forum, and you are pressuring volunteers to find you a quick solution.

Thank you all for the useful information.
@lissyx : to sound rude was not really intended.
I am from dotnet background and time is too short to traverse curve of learning as we currently have machine on AWS for POC only. We did it successfully with an older version, we just wanted to see the difference in results with new version. Due to time factor we were looking for quick workaround to complete our POC with newer version with in few hours.
Thank you for showing the possible ways of doing it.