Very high downloads of spell check add-ons

There are around 1,800 downloads of all language dictionaries as on June 27, 2019. I have checked some sample dashboards from this page… … age-tools/

For e.g. check this chart… … s/?last=30

I will like to know why there are so many downloads on a single day. Is this some kind of DDOS attack?

Here are some more public dashboards those show a very clear trend. For e.g. on July 15 there are around 980 downloads across all languages. How is that possible? … s/?last=30 … s/?last=90

I am not sure if I can trust the numbers anymore. Can average daily users increase many-fold across all languages in just a few days?

Thank you for bringing this up. It’s very interesting, but I don’t know what the cause of that June 27 spike could be. It could be bot activity, but apparently it had some impact on usage, so maybe it’s something else. The increase around July 15 might be due to the release of Firefox the week before.