Very long reviews for existing extensions (new updates)


Why this process takes so much time for updating existing extensions?
Is it possible to reach the speed like Chrome Webstore?

(Andrei Petcu) #2

The extensions in AMO get a human review so they tend to have a higher quality and less malware that is why extension malware tends to hit Chrome more than Firefox. This is really cool for users but it sucks for devs.

Mozilla offers another way of distributing your extension: on your own site. They are called unlisted addons, don’t need a human review and get all the benefits of listed exceptions like the fact that they are digitally signed, you can push updates and so on. They don’t get to be listed in

I personally trust extensions from AMO more and I try to avoid unlisted extensions. Here is the list of differences between listed and unlisted.

If you wish to have an unlisted addon I can help you if you have any issues but I think it is a lot better if you are a little patient and wait until the review is done. You have options…you choose what to do. :slight_smile:


I believe Chrome Webstore extensions also get a human review.
It takes couple hours if update is a little (small changes in code) or ~1-2 day if it’s not a little update

(Marcin Rataj) #4

From my personal experience the main difference between AMO and Chrome Web Store is that AMO cares about quality bit more than Chrome Web Store.
One could tell that extension was truly reviewed, not only glanced over.
Or maybe quality standards are just different?


  • Chrome Web Store: accepted in a few hours without any feedback about bad practices
  • AMO: the same code is rejected after a day or two due to use of eval and unsafe-eval in manifest.json/content_security_policy, reviewer provided valuable feedback


My code is not using eval and not even asking for network permissions but the extension needs to wait over a week in the queue.

I appreciate the work you do to keep Firefox users secure but some automatic reviewing would be helpful to speed it up for non-demanding extensions.

(Nguyen Viet) #6

My addon submit have been approved but i got no review too.