Very low download speed

English Common Voice dataset is ~40GB and its downloading speed from official page ~300-400KB/s, this is too slow. I have not seen any similar topic on the forum, is it a common case? Any possible solutions? Very difficult to wait for it to be downloaded for several days…
This is not my internet problem.

Hello and welcome to the community,

Can you provide us a bit information about from where are you downloading? Are you getting the same speed using other networks (like mobile)?


@nukeador Wasn’t there talk at one point about making torrents available?

I know someone mentioned it, but that was not considered because we want to be able to control who is downloading the data in case we receive a deletion request, be able to communicate it to everyone who downloaded the data.

Hello, thanks for the reply, for a couple of hours speed was low, but it became normal then, downloaded successfully, not sure what was a problem in. Located in Russia, I tested download speed from some external services, it was ok.

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