Video Link Filter


(Kevin Sennes) #1

Hello! I’m new to MDN and will try to help review and document topics.
Currently I’m just going through various guides available for my own benefits. I found some topics to include video links, which I find very useful. Is it possible to filter or tell if the topics include video aid without clicking into them?

Thanks in advance,

(Chris Mills) #2

Hi Kevin,

At the moment, no, I don’t think it is. But I think this is a good idea, and it will become more important in the future as we start to add more video content.

I’ve recorded it here so we don’t forget about it:


It kind of is, in a very hacky way. Most (all?) video content is embedded using the EmbedYouTube macro, so by searching for that macro you can get pages that contain videos:

They are almost all Firefox devtools docs though, we don’t AFAIK have a lot of videos for the other site content.

(Kevin Sennes) #4

That awesome @chrismills glad to see you support the idea. Thanks for moving the issue to the correct people as well. I wouldn’t of thought to add it there.

@wbamberg wow that’s basically perfect. I wanted a way to filter video’s and that’s what you’ve done. Thank you very much, should make choosing to learn topic easier.

Great help both,