View pocket list remove... Regression!

Why did you remove the “view pocket list” from the library menu? This is a regression…! :angry:
We have a button to save the pages but none to go in his list!
Why was it on this menu? If you really wanted to remove it, you should have first added a feature in the “pocket” button to access its list.
Now, we have to lose 5 minutes to find the link to your pocket list even if you can add a bookmark afterward.

In short, it was better before. Please put back this “view pocket list” button in the library menu in the next version of FF :roll_eyes:


I cannot comment on what has happened, and I do appreciate that this is my own add-on, but you may wish to try

Hi Seburo
Thanks for the tips… and the add-on :slightly_smiling_face: !
You will agree that having to develop an add-on to replace a feature of FF that was fine, is still aberrant :wink: