Viewing TNEF Emails. Core integration

(Dugite Code) #1

A constant pain in the modern work environment is the winmail.dat files in tnef emails So I’m wondering if anyone is looking into this bug from all the way back from 2001. I can’t just ask government employees and other clients to reconfigure their email clients (often they can’t because of IT lock down) and Lookout (fix version) dosn’t let lightning see event invites (big issue for my boss)

I was encouraged by reading this recent conversation but it does boil down to maybe

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

In the past for that I was using a linux solution with a little program homemade to extract this kind of files.

(Dugite Code) #3

Unfortunately I don’t have direct access to the email server otherwise I would set up and automatic conversion.

I attempted to use the addon FiltaQuilla and the python library tnefparse however I couldn’t extract any files with that library. Using cygwin to get the tnef project working is just not practical for all our work computers.

This is just something that NEEDS to be built into a modern mail client. Because Micro$oft is gonna Micro$oft

(Ryan Sipes) #4

Would this addon help?

(Dugite Code) #5

No, the plugin doesn’t really help. Event’s aren’t seen by Lightning and the current version isn’t working properly (can’t actually save the files to disk). I’m using an old version for now so I can pull files… usually