Visitor statistics for documents

Would there be a way to view such information? Documents getting frequent search traffics, documents that readers first visited localized version but have tendency of changing locale to English instead, and so on.

I’m almost exclusively working on references right now because me and around me usually use MDN for them, but it would be nice to know how general traffic flows.

I did find this one.
This is just a “good to have”, not a must, so I’m perfectly fine without it – privacy issues and all.

Well, is still open today

I agree this would be greatly useful to prioritize work (esp. for l10n).

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I sporadically maintain a list of the top 100 articles in English, as a guide to localizers of what is most valuable to translate.

It’s an interesting question, which localized pages tend to get a bounce to the English version. It is a combination of whether the localized page is up-to-date and whether speakers of the language prefer their own language vs. English. Maybe @atopal can provide some insight.

We often hear from readers that they get MDN articles in their language, when they’d rather have them in English. This post explains why that happens and how to get around it. We’ve also discussed having a profile setting for “Always show me articles in English.”

Yeah, it’s a good question on what pages people often switch to the English version of the same page. I don’t believe we have the ability to measure that at this point.

Regarding the most visited pages. Here’s a fresh list of the pages that get the most traffic from Google:

@jswisher @atopal Thank you for the replies. I’ve requested permission to view the sheet. (if I may)

You should have access to it now.