Visualising Information - opinions


(Tahir S) #1


I have recently started editing MDN Documents, I have noticed theres quite a few pages that are text heavy. Some users take information in easier if it’s in a visual format, so i feel that if possible to visual information in some pages we should do so?

I’d like to know if anyone else has differing opinion on this subject matter and if anyone sees any disadvantages to this?

(Chris Mills) #2

I totally agree with you.

We have a lot of text on MDN, mainly because that is where our expertise lies. I’m sure we would have more illustrations and videos, except that we don’t have dedicated resources to create them. We are hoping to include more in 2018.

(Janet Swisher) #3

Ditto what Chris said, plus: If you have ideas of illustrations you’d like to add to particular documents, please propose them in this forum, or create a documentation bug in Bugzilla. Actually, you could just go ahead and create them, but discussing it in the community first can help ensure that the illustration is effective for what you want to communicate, so you don’t waste your time creating low-value illustrations.