Volunteers at the December 2017 All Hands

Every six months, we gather all Mozilla employees and an invited group of highly committed and impactful volunteer Mozillians together at an “All Hands”. This continues for this December 2017 in Austin, Texas, USA.

We’ve heard from teams and volunteers that having volunteer contributors integrated during this event increases impact, engagement, alignment and commitment, so this initiative is continuing. We expect to invite a total of approximately 100 volunteer contributors this time.

As you can imagine, given that Mozilla has thousands of active volunteer contributors, selecting just 100 to invite for this even is incredibly challenging. To do this, we rely on employee teams to nominate volunteer contributors they are working with closely and who can help with high priority projects this December and beyond.

As a volunteer contributor, you could be nominated if you are working closely with an employee of Mozilla Corporation (Mozilla Foundation has a separate process). This means making regularly contributions, and probably means being in regular contact through IRC, Slack, bugs, issues in GitHub, etc. Here is the overall criteria .

Nominations will happen by employees only, so please reach out to the employee(s) you’re working with to asking them about being nominated.

Here’s the full outline of the nomination process.

If you are not working closely with an employee or on a MoCo project, it is very unlikely that you will be nominated.

After nominations:
If you were nominated by an employee you can expect to hear something around September 26 or 27th. Otherwise, you haven’t been nominated and there isn’t another process to be invited.

As always, please be aware:

  • there are many hundreds of high impact Mozillians around the world who qualify for such invitations, and many fewer spots than people
  • being invited to these events is not a form of recognition or reward – there are a bunch of considerations going into the nominations (largely alignment with each team’s plan for the All Hands)

Feedback and questions are always welcome.