Vouching for Mozillians more than once permitted?


Wondering if it is possible for someone (me) to vouch for another Mozillian more than once.

In 2015 I vouched for every Mozillian (80 - 21 were pre-existing) that was a local volunteer at MozFest. I wish to do the same this year but it seems I can only vouch for someone the once.

Any suggestions please (other than changing my name to Dino McVouch :wink: )?

Why would you vouch someone when they are already vouched by you? You don’t vouch your (first) vouch?

I vouched for all the volunteers that helped to run the London Mozilla Festival in 2015. If people volunteer again in 2016 I would like to vouch for them again as a thank you.
People that attended the summit a few years ago got a vouch for every day that they attended.

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If you’re referring to the 2013 summit, I think three vouches were handed out in that summit because the new vouching system was being introduced and there had to be some mechanism to allow new vouches (because only people with three vouches could vouch someone else).

Maybe you should try some other way of thanking them, like say, a blog post mentioning how great their contributions were, open badges (!?), even #mozlove on twitter?

As a workaround you could always get someone else to vouch for everyone.

Thank you for the comments. All volunteers get an Open Badge as well but I felt that a vouch was something as something between me and the volunteer - a personal 'thank you ’ from the volunteer coordinator. I am not sure a blog post with 80 names in it would have that meaning and a tweet is ephemeral.

Well volunteered @yousef :wink:

In my opinion, there is no need to vouch for the same person twice.
It would be best if you go vouching for someone still isnt vouch and really is eager to.

I will vouch for people that I know have contributed to the running of MozFest. For those that are not already registered Mozillians I will encourage them to become one. It is sad that people that help with the festival year after year after year can only get thanked the one time :frowning:

uhm, I was thinking more along the lines of @Ziggy :sweat_smile:


To me personally, I see vouches as a way of saying ‘I have worked with this person and can confirm he has made a positive contribution to whatever project’, it seems redundant to do this more than once. That said, I do see your point @Spike1. It would be nice to have something that recognises the volunteer’s effort beyond a one-time-only vouch.

Spike, you can always write something on their LinkedIn if they have it. This would be really valuable for volunteers my age, as it could be a contributing factor to land a good job.

That is indeed true sir.:disappointed:

Sounds as if this is perhaps more of a question about “when and how should we choose to vouch” at this point.

I’d propose opening this up as a wider discussion in the Mozillians category now we’ve clarified that there’s no technical possibility of vouching more than once for somebody

I am pretty sure I did not get a vouch :stuck_out_tongue:
Not that it matters though. But probably thats a way too much broad blanket statement.

Oh and if you vouch for somebody once. Won’t it be enough? Vouches were supposed to be a recognition towards contribution. Often not one contribution, but over a period of time.

Were you a local volunteer at MozFest 2015? I am pretty sure that I vouched for everybody that registered and turned up.

Nopes. Was a speaker/facilitator :slight_smile:

But I think I have 3 vouches so I am happy :slight_smile:
See you again this time :slight_smile:

Well there you are then. Not sure I would have finished vouching for all the 2015 facilitators before it would be time to start on the 2016 ones ;-):wink:

You can vouch me, I would be glad…!!!