W3C spec links need to be updated

(Eric Shepherd) #1

The W3C recently archived and relocated a bunch of specifications, without establishing redirects to the new locations. That means we have a very large number of pages with broken links in the specification tables.

Does anyone have bandwidth to hunt down which specs moved and get the links updated in SpecName.ejs so we can fix these?


(Eric Shepherd) #2

OK, actually, it may only have been the HTML5.0 spec left to update, which I just submitted a PR for. That’ll affect a bunch of pages’ compat tables though.


(Jwhitlock) #3

Here’s my solution (bash specific, and maybe MacOS specific)

cd kumascript/macros
for url in `grep '"url":' SpecData.json | cut -d: -f2- | cut -d'"' -f2`
  echo $url
  curl -Is $url | head -n1

There’s a lot of redirects, and only a few 404s:

This works for me, but gives the HTML 5.2 spec:

(Eric Shepherd) #4

Curious – that one specifically was a 404 for me, every time. Plus of course we want that link to go to the HTML 5 spec, rather than 5.2.