Wake up & Heating Target

Hi all
Sorry for more requests for help.
But when I go into the “splat” of my devices to alter their parameters, for instance my radiator valves, there are two things I can alter. The wake up time, and the heating target. However, when I alter them and come out of the splat and then go back into it, both settings have reverted to what they were and not what I set. Could someone please tell me if this is normal. If so where do I control the heating target and wake up times.
Hope someone would be kind enough to explain what’s happening. Thanks in advance !
PS…When I use the plugins to change the times, they work but they can take anything from 8 -35 mins after the set time for the command to be executed, does anybody know why?

I might be able to help.

Before I can make a suggestion, I need you to check the settings of your ZigBee adapter. Do your settings for the ZigBee adapter 1a and 1b match those in the diagram below, as highlighted in red?

If yes, and only if yes, then Show Aging may help.

If no, then your setup is using Zigbee2MQTT and I don’t have that setup - I tried it and found it was missing too much that I’m already using.

If Show Aging is ticked (setting 2 as highlighted in green) and also 1a and 1b match, then a Last Seen property is shown and updated every time the WebThings server receives a message from the device.

For Last Seen to be easily usable, you ought to ensure that the server time is updated as mentioned in my previous reply. If the server time is out of sync, then Last Seen will still update but you need to work out the offset from current wall clock time in your head.

If Last Seen does not change for a device when you update a property of the device, then there may be one of two problems. A property change may be triggered by a manual property change, by a rule, or by a status update from the device.

  1. If the device is battery powered, then the battery may be low (or dead).

  2. If the device is mains powered or if the battery is not low, then the problem may be that the ZigBee adapter on your server does not have good radio connectivity to the device. This could be caused by distance, or thick walls, or rebar, or metal joists, or interference between the ZigBee network and WiFi on the 2.4GHz radio band. Radio interference is a complex topic that I don’t have the skills to explain :anguished:

Hi again Charles

I’m so grateful for your help.

I have both Zigbee and Zwave dongles attached to my WT but I omitted to mention ( sorry) my thermostatic valves are Zwave ( only because they were less than £10 on Amazon when I bought them) and I bought them thinking I could use them here on WT.

What I have is attached which as far as I can see, the only difference between yours and mine is the “Show Aging” on my setup it isn’t ticked. ( I have attached a screenshot, hope it comes through)

But I guess it’s not going to make a difference as the valves are Zwave, or is it?

Should I make the changers , ie tick the Aging box?

Plus ok on all the other points you mentioned, I’m sure I’m ok on those fronts.

That said, the clock is as it should be now thanks to you. I’ve been testing it most of the day and at least the valves are been activated somewhere near the programmed time unlike before. It’s a very steep learning curve so thank you very much for your help.

I wrote the ‘Last seen’ and the ‘Battery Percentage Remaining’ for the ZigBee adapter. I’ve no experience with Zwave, so you will need guidance from elsewhere. Much of what you need to know is generic Zwave setup rather than WebThings.

BTW, there’s no attachment.

Hi Charles

Thanks again for your help and advice it really is appreciated.

The attachment was the same as your but the aging wasn’t ticked.

Fine about your expertise is in Zigbee, I may need a little help if I transfer over my Zigbee devices from this ( see the link below) . I’ve about 12 devices hooked into to this which started off working well, however there are cracks appearing.

Would be great if there was a burglar alarm plugin in WT…

The original idea was to incorporate this somehow to WT, sadly I failed :astonished:.

But maybe it could be some interest to someone.

Thanks again Charles