Want to contribute in [Dev]Ops stuff!


Hi guys,

I attended the meeting on 2015-05-27 and I’d like to contribute to some project[s], I love Mozilla’s work and I have a bit of experience doing operations, I contributed to Adblock Plus where I learnt Puppet, I also know a bit of python, golang, ansible, docker, I usually write scripts on shell and python, I use vagrant to do my local work and while in ABP I created a wrapper on shell to virtualize windows environments with VirtualBox, so I know some stuff about virtualization.

Said that, I’m not a kung fu master or ninja or magician or whatever is called this days but I’d like to have fun hacking around and helping the awesome work you’re doing as community.

Cheers! :smiley:


What would some of your dream projects be - ignoring whether or not we can offer it, what would you work on if you could choose anything?

Is there any skill you’re hoping to improve or to learn?


I love the idea of making computers work for you, automation, projects about CI or CD.

I’d like to improve my code skills in python and go as well as stuff related with security.

(Yousef Alam) #4

You’d definitely be able to help us out with automating Discourse upgrades, which requires some puppet and python and a little bit of docker knowledge. How does that sound?


Sounds like a plan, can you guide me in the firsts steps to get everything up and running or point me to where I can find more information in order to do that?