Want to verify fact re: Thunderbird mail app

Hello, I am new to all of Mozilla, so bear with me. I am I understanding correctly that there is NOT an IOS app. for your email app, Thunderbird? Yes or no? If not, I will tell you that I wish it was a cross platform application. If you have an updated email app. for IOS, please advise. If not, I would like to get input on what email app. everyone is using on their IOS devices as I am not crazy about Apple mail, sorry :))

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Hey @erikrockchalk - we currently don’t have an iOS version of Thunderbird. This is something that has been discussed a little, but currently, we don’t have any plans to create one. However, this doesn’t mean we will never pursue a mobile app.

Let me join… why there is no plan to create iOS app? please elaborate.

Hey @erikrockchalk - just realized you are in Lawrence, I spend a lot of time there.

@developer11 right now we don’t have the resources to create and manage an iOS app. Personally, I would LOVE to create mobile Thunderbird apps, but we need more committed developers devoted to the effort.

If there is enough interest we can begin to explore doing it. But need more contributors.

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If you’d love to, than instead of saying all the above, just code it…

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