Was wondering if you could add a few features to your web dev brower

When I was going thru my cpoourses in web dev. I noted that when you inspect in Chrome or edge
you see where the console log and next to it is a sources. I wouldlike to have that feature in firefox wed dev brower. So that I dont need to goto other browers to do my curse work in.

Hello @serahharrison1357 ,

We do show the location of the line that emitted a console.log:

Could you tell us the case where you don’t see it? Maybe show us a screenshot and/or link us to the page where you’re seeing the issue in.


Hi There I made a screen shot of what I was saying. But after seeing what the function does. I like better how your brower is set up for web dev. Thank you for a response. The source on this shot of web dev of another web brower. But after i saw what it does and it works differnt from what they showed in course work. Second screen from course work as they showed what the source does. But I learned that its changed. Just letting oyu know what i learned as well. Serah

Screenshot 2021-04-19 110034.jpg

You mean like this? Just open up the debugger and press Esc to open up the console at the same time.

Hmmm I did not know that about debugger and opening console at the same time. Good to know. That might what it was and I did not catch that.
Learned something new today. Thank you. Serah