Watering throught WebThings

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using WebThings for several months now and I think it’s a great project.
I’m currently looking for the way to integrate the garden irrigation system as well but it is not clear to me how to do it. Does anyone have experience with Eve Aqua, LinkTap or some other similar system?
Eve Aqua is HomeKit, but it does not appear as a tested device in the list and I don’t know how I could connect it as I have no HomeKit devices at home.
LinkTap is Zigbee, but the manufacturer states they use some kind of proprietary protocol to communicate with its hub and I don’t know if it would be recognized by the gateway. And I’m not so techy to develop a specific Add-On.
Has anyone been able to use them or tried to experiment with other watering devices?
Many thanks in advance,