We need your help with the localization of a Survey: Developer Needs Assessment

Hey all,

Very soon we are going to publish a survey on MDN that we have worked on with our product advisory board members, Microsoft, Google, Samsung and the W3C. To be as inclusive as possible, we localized the survey into 8 languages. General localizers might not be aware of the dominant terms used in the webdev community in those languages, so we need your help to ensure the survey is well understood in all languages.

If you speak Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian or Spanish, and want to help out, please contact me, so I can share the file with you. The survey is already fully localized into those languages and we are looking for a quality check with an eye on language that is familiar to web developers.


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Hi Kadir, I speak Spanish as a first language and would like to help

Hello Kadir
I speak Arabic as my first language and would love to help.

Hi Kadir,
one of Japanese community member found a mismatch between Q and A on Q.26.
Can you share the Japanese file for a correction and to be checked?
Though it is already open to be answered it is worth for us to check it, if the survey goes on for more days or weeks.

Sorry for the late reply, Takeshi, I was on vacation. The survey has ended already, but can you give me more information on what the issue was? We might be able to add that as a note in our report.

Hi Kadir,
OK, It is clear for Japanese speaker that
Question 26(Japanese, used) apparently does not match to the prepared choices for its answer. That should have been as 26(Japanese, corrected), for instance.

Q.26. Do you get to choose the technologies, languages, programs, libraries, and frameworks you use for your work on the web?

(Japanese, used)
Q.26. あなたがWebの作業に使用するテクノロジー、言語、プログラム、ライブラリ、フレームワークを選択してください。

(Japanese, corrected)
Q.26. あなたはWebに関する仕事で使用するテクノロジー、言語、プログラム、ライブラリ、フレームワークを選択することがありますか?

Thank you Takeshi! I wish we had caught that earlier. We’ll consider that in the next iteration of the survey though. Many thanks for pointing it out.