We should have a Mozilla Day

Hej everyone,

I’m not sure if it is the right neither if it was discussed later (I tried to search “Mozilla Day”). My idea is to chose a date and do something like FLISoL, Software Freedom Day - SFD, Open Data Day. All of them are held in the same day every year around to globe. It has been a great way to gather people around to talk about those issues in my city Natal - Brazil. Actually the locals FLISoL and SFD were the events that hold our IT Community since its blossoming now (more than 15 communities and most of them with at least an event a year). Anyways, I think that it would spread the word about Mozilla initiatives a lot faster and make a bunch of people become mozillians.

What do you guys think??


Good idea. This reminds me of the early days that we as the local community, took Firefox released day to ran big events - party and talks of the new feature, school tours, introduce Mozilla’s directions and concerns to the attendees, and recruiting people who were interested in helping. Many of our core contributors were recruited from the release party, and stay contributed for many years.


This is a great idea! We can have organize this on a day that is relevant to Mozilla, maybe the day when Mozilla was founded!
We can run parallel campaigns and activities. One can be for common voice, the other for SUMO, and one can be for localisation. This way we can introduce these contribution areas to new people and get more contributors onboard.


Those other “days” you mentioned have a very sharp focus and call for action, Mozilla is a very broad and diverse project/community, what would you think would the call for action be on this day?
Then the initial Mozilla source release on March 31, 1998, that day would offer itself (and those who want more context, watch the Code Rush documentary, gives quite a bit of background). But depending on the call for action, it may be a different day that makes sense.

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Exactly! We can do something similar :smiley:

Yeah. We can present the present state of the Mozilla Projects, some hands on and so on.

I think that every year Mozilla could choose a talking point for the event organizers to focus on. And always present who is Mozilla, its projects and why it matters so much.

Unfortunately the March 31, 1998 is to close to the Open Data Day. So I could be another one. And it should be something like 2nd Saturday of June and not as specific calendar day.

It’s Mozilla Day today!

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Good call! Every day for more people sounds good :blush:

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It was Mozilla Day :smiley: !

This date, might be a good date anyway. Open data day is in the beginning of March. So no conflict. When we get out of this corona mess (I hope everyone here is doing fine!), I will arrange a sort of Mozilla Day here at my city (Natal-Brasil) so we can have a taste of it!