We would like to create an addon to enable users to mine monero with Firefox

Hello, we been developing an extension to enable users to use Firefox to mine monero (at low rate, to not affect performance). This extension main and single purpose is to mine monero and send it to their wallet.

We been reading lately the policies of Firefox addons, and noticed that it doesn’t allow “The inclusion of any cryptocurrency miners or similar functionality in an add-on is prohibited.” Under the monetization part of the guidelines and policies.

I want to contact policy team to ask if it’s allowed a Monero miner that is clearly and only a monero miner to enable users to mine using firefox (at a maximum rate of 30%) to not affect performance.

We decided to draw a hard line when it comes to coin miners, given the performance impact they have, even when mining coins for yourself. While some miners have performance controls, that’s largely out of the user’s control, and it would be very hard for AMO reviewers to make a distinction between the “good” and “bad” ones.

/cc @TheOne