Web_accessible_resources Error in manifest.json

I am writing an extension whose manifest.json contains web_accessible_resources property like below:

    "web_accessible_resources": [
          "resources": [
            "(a js code).js"
          "matches": [
            "https://(a domain)/*"
          "use_dynamic_url": false

But my Firefox says when I try to load it:

    Extension is invalid
    Reading manifest: Error processing web_accessible_resources: Value must either: be one of ["<all_urls>"], or .0 must not contain an unexpected "use_dynamic_url" property

I have read thoroughly MDN Doc about it and I got OK result when I uploaded my extension on Mozilla Add-on Developer Hub.
My Firefox’s version is 111.0.1(Mar 21, 2023).
I wish I could investigate more, but I have little hints. Please help me.

The “use_dynamic_url” property is not supported in Firefox, see the browser compatibility table at the bottom of https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/manifest.json/web_accessible_resources

Oh my…
Thank you for notifying.
I didn’t think of checking browser compatibility, and all faults are on me.
Thank you again.