Web developer select element is stuck

I am using firefox 83 on Linux Mint and the select function of developer tools for selecting elements on a page gets stuck so it looks like you are hovering an element and the blue overlay appears but stays there and you are not selecting anything. It’s so annoying because the whole time you have this selected element in front of you and cannot see too well. If I could upload an image to show I would have done so. Clicking anywhere does nothing and the only way to get rid of it is to click inside the inspector left hand pane where the page tags are showing. But that also does not always work and sometimes it just selects another tag to be stuck on

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I have the same issue. When I hover my mouse over an element in inspector, it correctly highlights it on the page. But whenever I move my mouse outside of inspector, the highlighted element stays highlighted. This seems like a trivial problem but it’s really annoying. Also this problem seems to occur mostly when the inspector is in “Separate window” mode and when you move the mouse suddenly from inspector window to another window (happens a lot when using two monitors)

Here’s a screen recording of what happens:
The problem

Edit: Here’s an screenshot in case the video link expires:

Same problem:

and just like that I stopped using firefox for development

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I have the exact same issue, both on Linux and Windows 10.

Hello folks.

Thanks to @Oriol this bug should be fixed in latest Firefox Nightly (85.0a1 (2020-12-09)).
85 will be in DevEdition/Beta next week, and in release a month later.

Thanks for the good news