Web-ext signing is pending

I tried to sign (a new developed extension) with web-ext, but after a long time, I got:
“Error: Signing is still pending, you will receive an email once there is an update on the status of your submission. If you don’t see the email after 24 hours, please check your Spam folder.”
The mentioned time are behind, but nothing happened.
How can I sign an extension (beside loading it to Mozzila AMO)?

web-ext sign also submitted the extension to AMO. You can see the version you uploaded for signing when you login there.

I can’t see it there. Only one (older) extension is there, the latest one (which I tried to sign), isn’t listed. I used API keys I get on my dashboard and try with:

web-ext sign --api-key= --api-secret=

Is this ok? It works some minutes, shows dots over and there and then the upper mentioned error appeared.
I tried self signing because I hope this will be fastest way to get a distributive extension.
UPDATE (some minutes latter): I decided to upload extension to AMO, I hope it will be checked soon. I excepted that self signing will be faster way.