WebExtension inline installation

(Alixandirz) #1


I’m developing multi browser extension and now want to implement nice thing - inline extension installation.

As I know - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Installing_Extensions_and_Themes_From_Web_Pages#Web_Script_Example - this is old method for old style addons.

Also, for now, Firefox doesn’t support chrome inline installation flow - https://developer.chrome.com/webstore/inline_installation

I know only one method - make button with direct link to signed XPI file that I can download from admin panel (after firefox team review). But I don’t know - is it legal and a little bit worry that you can remove my extension from store if I will use this method.

Which is the best way to implement inline extension installation? Thank you.

Original question: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1149375

(Jorge) #2

Have you read this documentation?

(Alixandirz) #3

Yes, but how it correlates with my question?
Maybe I missed something.

My question is about inline installation like Chrome has.
When user can install extension published in store only by click, through the browser API such as chrome.webstore.install().

(Jorge) #4

Ah, I thought inline installation meant something else. You have two options:

  • List the add-on on AMO. This gives you a public URL you can point to so people can install the add-on from AMO.
  • Don’t list the add-on on AMO, download the signed file and distribute it yourself.

It’s not a one-click experience, though, because the add-on is being installed from a site that isn’t whitelisted.

(Alixandirz) #5

Thank you, just missed it.
Will use this way.

(mamta) #6

@alixandirz, Were you able to do inline installation ?


I am also curious, as I am running into the same issue.