WebExtension signature status becomes 'unverified' on FF59 beta while it was OK on FF58 beta [MAC OS X]

(Bertrand Perret) #1


We are running qualification tests for a WebExtension.

We have the following problem on Mac platform especially: addon signature is OK on FF 58 beta.

But when I update Firefox to version 59 beta I get the following message:
<< addon could not be verified for its use … >>.

The addon is now disabled !

The addon is unlisted and therefore installed by a third party Mac installer in the ‘extensions’ folder profile. Actually this a folder that is deployed in the ‘extensions’ location containing all required content of webextension.

How can I workaround this ?

Has the signature verification changed between 58 and 59 ?


(Bertrand Perret) #2


the problem finally came from the third party installer that unzipped the XPI into the ‘extensions’ folder.

The solution is : simply copy the XPI file in ‘extensions’ folder profile without any unzipping action.