WebExtensions API & Firefox for android

Does WebExtensions API addons work with Firefox Mobile?

I’m not sure. But if it does, it’s only for the nightly version on mobile, you wouldn’t be able to release it for at least 3*6weeks. SDK or classic bootstrap is probably the way to go for now. Lot’s (all) firefox only devs are not happy with WebExtAPI so i wouldn’t be surprised if Mozilla changed their mind about it, as they posted looking for feedback.

They should in the future, but I don’t think they do at present.

Any update on this?

Does the plan still include Firefox Android Mobile working with the WebExtensions API?
Is there a timeline yet when we can begin testing?

Also, what are chances of this working on Firefox iOS Mobile?

The tracking bug for Android is this one. The latest comment indicates we will not support Android from the first release (early next year), and will have to wait at least a couple more releases.

As for the iOS version, there are many open questions that need to be answered, in particular how much Apple allows third party extensions in their apps, and even if we can support extensions written in JavaScript, given that the JS engine is one of the main issues that block Firefox from using Gecko in the app.


Just comparison: what about “Chrome for iOS”? Does Apple allow an extension at all?

Chrome for iOS doesn’t have extensions. Neither does the version for Android, however.