Websocket (and socketIO) watch frames

(tapin13) #1

I use Firefox last Developens version. Before this I use addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/websocket-monitor/ but now this module don’t supported by new version.

I don’t know, but today, a lot of people using websocket (or socketio) and this feature need to be as air (at least for me).

(Jan Odvarko) #2

I am planning to rewrite the existing extension and make it compatible with Firefox 57+
Here is a bugzilla bug you can follow:

And here is the source repo:

(new extension will be here too)

Here is some prototyping (from last year)


(tapin13) #3

Thank you for fast answer and your work!

(Fyodor Ivanischev) #4

Hey, basically, this is the only issue which prevents me from switching to Firefox from Chrome. I really need websocket debugging :confused:

(Prabhjyot Singh) #5

Same here, need web-socket debugging!