📢 WebThings Gateway 1.1 Beta available for testing

Further to the announcement of the 1.1 Alpha release, I’m now happy to announce the availability of WebThings Gateway 1.1 Beta, ready for community testing.

This Beta pre-release fixes some bugs found in the 1.1 Alpha releases.

There are multiple ways to test this pre-release:

  • Raspberry Pi image - For a fresh flash on a Raspberry Pi you can find a 1.1.0-beta.2 system image on GitHub
  • OTA update - To update an existing 1.0 gateway running on a Raspberry Pi, see the instructions on the wiki on how to enable automatic upgrades to pre-release versions.
  • Docker image - please see the 1.1.0-beta.2 tag on DockerHub

:warning: WARNING: Whilst the beta release has undergone more testing than the alpha release, I still don’t recommend installing it on production gateways.

🪲 Please report any issues you find on GitHub, with steps to reproduce, and note that you’re using the 1.1.0-beta.2 release.

Your testing of this release will help identify any bugs before an automatic update is pushed out to all users. It would be particularly useful if you could report any issues you find with the add-ons you use, since core contributors can’t manually test all add-ons.

A huge thank you to all the members of our community who have already contributed to WebThings Gateway 1.1, and for your patience in waiting for this release.

The OTA update from 1.1.0-alpha did not work for me :frowning:
Updated default.js (changed “false” to “true”) and then stopped and restarted webtings-gateway.service - no luck, then full reboot - still no luck ("Your system is up to date = 1.1.0-alpha.2).
Will now flash a new SDcard and continue from there.
The OTA update is not that important to me as I am working on a test config and a clean “beta” install was going to be my next test in any case

Hi @chaletbenadam,

Thank you for reporting and sorry the OTA update didn’t work for you.

Sometimes it seems that the releases list gets cached somehow, but you can see here that 1.1.0-beta.2 is currently the latest in the list https://api.webthings.io:8443/releases

It’s possible that if you left it 24 hours it would have updated itself. Did that happen or did you opt for a fresh flash?

Hi Ben - in the end you beat me to it and have released WT1.1 “official” release so I’m testing that now … Meanwhile, I have been playing with Candle 2.0 which offers some interesting features, but seems to be more demanding in terms of Pi (CPU, Memory, etc.) … but I do like the way it identifies ZigBee devices - much more informative than Webthings - but that should be the subject of a separate thread.

WebThings 1.1 has now loaded and I have reclaimed my domain and the basic (first time only) configs have completed - all successfully :slight_smile: - time to set some devices. Thanks for the continued support.

FWIW I suspect what happened is that you came across this bug where the UI doesn’t think 1.1.0-beta.2 is newer than 1.1.0-alpha.2. Automatic updates should work fine.

Glad you have 1.1 working now!