WebThings GUI does not properly display using BRAVE browser?

Just switched to using Brave browser and whilst checking my alpha test gui I noticed that Things icons do not display correctly on the GUI. The same incorrect display occurs when viewing my production legacy WT 1.0 docker GUI so it’s not related to alpha code. Use the default Brave settings and no ad-blocker.

Switched back to Chrome and it correctly displayed the Things GUI page.
Loaded each browsers Console and both had the same couple of warnings ergo there were no browser errors displayed.

I’ll have to review Brave’s settings next to see if they locked down some feature in the latest release.

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I have the same problem on Firefox for over a week now, but everything works fine on Chromium.

I’m not able to reproduce this on Brave or Firefox on Mac OS, or Firefox on Ubuntu.

Is anyone who can reproduce this able to inspect the page in developer tools to figure out what’s going on?

Does a hard reload fix this issue?

Here is a screenshot of Brave’s console and line 724 from the EME shaka player error.
The same console lines are displayed when testing with Chrome which correctly displays the missing Thing icons. I don’t think this error is related.

The missing Things icons display on the screen during initial page draw before they disappear towards the end of page load.

Line 724…
function Ir(){}var Jr;function Kr(){Jr?console.debug(“EmeEncryptionSchemePolyfill: Already installed.”):navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess&&MediaKeySystemAccess.prototype.getConfiguration?(Jr=navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess,console.debug(“EmeEncryptionSchemePolyfill: Waiting to detect encryptionScheme support.”),navigator.requestMediaKeySystemAccess=Lr):console.debug(“EmeEncryptionSchemePolyfill: EME not found”)}

Chrome browser correctly shows Thing icons…

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Well, when playing around with settings and what addons were enabled no change occurred after disabling all addons…

Each time I click the “+” sign to add a new thing and return back to the Things page the missing Thing icons are restored and appeared again.

After adding a couple Things and returning the missing icon was still there, however, after manually doing a page refresh it was missing again (until clicking the + icon to add a new thing and returning to the Things page). After visiting the Rules, Logs, etc. pages it returns to missing again.

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