Webthings logging gone mad

Hi folks - some time ago I was debugging WebThings and managed to turn on full logging. I am now generating about 20-30 10MB “run-app.log” files per day and they are not getting cleaned up automatically. I am also logging at the INFO level - which in itself generates many more lines than necessary. I am sure this is something I changed myself and forgot to reset at the time - and now I can’t find what I changed.

The other impact of this level of logging is that Webthings is not very responsive as it is ~1,000 lines to the run-app.log files per second - even when WebThings is otherwise idle.

Can anyone point me to the module that manages these files and the level of logging. I am trying to avoid wiping my SD card and doing a clean install - i.e. I’d also like to learn from my mistake! I could also do a clean install on a new SD card and then do a file/folder compare - but that in itself is a tedious exercise.

Thanks in advance.

Some more info:
I am running WebThingss 1.0.0 with the Zigbee Adapter version 0.21.1 and the Z-Wave adapter version 0.10.9

\webthings\gateway\run-app.sh has debugging disabled:
… npm run “${start_task}” – $args

.webthings\addons\zigbee-adapter\lib\zb-debug.js has debugging disabled
… DEBUG_xxxxx: false;
for all